Sales Essentials


Objective of the course:
The main objective of the Sales Essential training course is to help the learner understand your company's selling strategy and how information about past sales sales quotas, activities, advertising and promotions work together to support and create effective sales performance.  The learner will understand the entire sales process from greeting the customer all the way to following up after sale.
Target Audience:
The Sales Essentials training course is designed not only for new employees, but it is also ideal for anyone looking to improve their current sales quotas and increase repeat business which is the ultimate goal of any business. 
What will you learn:
  • the complete sales process
  • how to evaluate and educate customers and prospects
  • to use proven stratgies to close sales
  • to maintain customer information
  • how Cutomer Releationship Management leads to future sales
Course Modules:
1. Preparing to Sell
3. Closting the Sale
3. Sales Follow-ups
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