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Lexicon Interactive - PLAY Module - Coaching

PLAY Module: Coaching

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PLAY Module: Future thinking

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PLAY Module: Taking the stage: Handling Nervousness

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PLAY Module: Selling Snowballs in Alaska

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A successful organization knows that skills development is a determining factor in the competitiveness and ability to keep pace with development. Working from the basis of each individual employee, we help your organization reach its goals. We employ cutting-edge standardised tools to be able to focus on content, pedagogy and communication.
YouAchieve offers Lexicon Play (video-based courses) and Microsoft Office e-learning.

Lexicon Play

Lexicon Play contains short, succinct training which functions independently as well as for preparation and practice. They are a maximum of 20 minutes long and primarily consist of video. Lexicon’s experienced and engaging speakers share their experience and knowledge which is normally only available in the classroom.

User friendliness for the organisation

  • Lexicon Play offers your organisation the opportunity to quickly and easily distribute an inspiring tool in skill development.

  • Online video on the PC, mobile or tablet device

  • Short, succinct and practical

  • Choose the selection according to your specific needs

  • Through the video content, the Lexicon Play concept is perceived as simple, attractive and, above all, it reaches all target groups.

User friendliness for the user

  • Short, informative and succinct.

  • Hands-on tips that are easy to practice and train.

  • The module time does not exceed 20 minutes.

Lexicon Interactive

Interactive Training in Microsoft 2013 Brochure



Microsoft Office E-Learning

Ready-made video lessons for learning Microsoft Office, Windows and Lync.

Microsoft Office eLearning courses support you when you need it the most and when motivation to aquire new skills in your daily work is high. Learn while you are working, without having to leave your working place or software – easily within reach on your company’s intranet or learning platform.

Unique selling points Microsoft Office;

  • Hundreds of thousands of users, global

  • Works on tablets and smartphones

  • SCORM delivery, you can upload the courses to your own LMS. Can also be ordered including hosting

  • The courses can be customized to customers visual identity

  • Unlimited users

  • Affordable licensing model

  • Tests, exercises etc included

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