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No matter where you are, with online course software you can easily create and collaboratively review e‑Learning content using Lectora Online

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The main features of Lectora Online


Enable teams of course developers, designers and experts to easily share and modify course content. Instantly view real-time changes and streamline your project’s life cycle. Also take advantage of 18 new table templates to quickly and easily publish tablets such as the iPad.

Access from Anywhere

Remove geographic and time limitations by accessing course content from anywhere at anytime with an Internet connection through common browsers including IE, Safari and Mozilla Firefox - on Macintosh or Windows.

Version Control

Never worry about version control issues. Keep an unlimited number of versions of courses so you can revert back at any time.

Review & Project Sign-Off

Enable key supervisors and team members to quickly and easily check and review content for appropriate sign-off and approval.

Easy Online Development

All you need is an Internet connection to get started with Lectora Online. Whether you use a Mac or PC, you can create, review and collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Simple Collaboration

Lectora Online makes collaborative e-Learning easy. Work with your team of developers, designers and experts in different departments or locations. Create assignments and track completion throughout the development process – all in real time.

Streamlined Review

Interact with your team wherever you are and easily review, edit and update your web-based training using Lectora Online e-Learning software. Exchange feedback through instant messages, emails and comments: all within your content.

Quick & Easy Development

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, Lectora makes e-Learning simple. Our easy-to-use templates, tools and wizards will quickly help you get up and running.

Endless Multimedia

With Lectora, you have access to hundreds of graphics, games, characters and animations in Lectora that will grab you learners’ attention. You can even store and organize images, photos, videos and other media for your entire team to share and use collaboratively.

Flexible Interactivity

Dream big. You can easily create the custom, interactive e‑Learning content you envision with the powerful tools in Lectora.

Seamless Publishing

You don’t have to worry about integration and compatibility. Publish to AlCC and SCORM for your LMS, Flash and HTML5 for the web or to a CD without any hassles.

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