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Lectora Leader-led Training

At YouAchieve.com, our goal is to provide the best learning environment for your students in the most cost effective format. To help you accomplish this, we offer a variety of training courses both online and leader led. The heart of this training is Lectora – Basic, Intermediate and Extreme. Face-to-Face Training is available either in our facility or yours.


This course focuses on variables and conditional actions. This includes:

  • Establishing the title's organization with chapters and pages.

  • Importing resources and objects such as text, buttons and images.

  • Creating additional interactivity such as, student tracking and breadcrumb.

  • Building a graded assessment with questions such as drag and drop and hotspot.

  • Performing an error check and publish to HTML.


How to create a title from scratch. This includes:

  • Creating additional interactivity such as student tracking and breadcrumb.

  • Displaying dynamic information such as the user's name or date.

  • Conditionally branch users based on responses or actions.

  • Conditionally show appropriate objects such as text based on student tracking.


Learn how to move beyond the basics of Lectora to produce advanced funtionality. This includes:

  • Creating pre-tests that will count towards the completion of a course.

  • Building custom, gradable test questions outside of the six default styles.

  • Interacting with Flash objects such as passing variables.

  • Using form elements to store user input.

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