Content Development Services

From quick templates with pizzazz to full course development, YouAchieve will work with you to meet your e-learning needs.

Full Service

Full service means that YouAchieve will work, from start to finish, to develop a course that will meet your organization’s learning objectives. We will recruit an expert to work with our instructional design team.


The Collaborative approach is the most popular. As a team, we will use your existing content and skills and deliver refinement and/or build you a template.


The Do It Yourself (DIY) approach puts the power into your teams’ hands. We will collaborate in developing Lectora templates from your mock-ups and/or make use of our graphic design team to support you.

Custom Content Development, Instructional Design, Template Design & Implementation, Multimedia Production

Instructional Design

The YouAchieve CDS team comprises of professional instructional designers. Instructional designers are experts in learning and the psychology behind it. They design courses which transfer knowledge to your learners effeciently and effectively. An instructional designer will work with you to define learning objectives and create the course you need.

Graphic Design & Media Development

Our graphic design and development team includes both professional graphic designers and developers. Graphic designers ensure that courses are both alluring and engaging. Both development teams, which include programmers and quality assurance members, ensure that courses are accurate and bug-free.

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YouAchieve Inc. is a full service eLearning company with state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems, Content Development tools, and an expert team offering eLearning strategies and content development services for every organization.


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